Edd China's tips for maintaining your car | Oil change, injector cleaner & more

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Edd China is the TV mechanic to end all TV mechanics, and we grabbed him to take us through some simple car maintenance jobs. Featuring his own Land Rover and Mike Fernie's Ford Mondeo ST, watch as Edd sets to work, and maybe he'll teach you a thing or two!
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Tardeli costantini
Tardeli costantini преди 2 дни
Can i just change my oil every year at max of 3,000 miles,with half decent oil,not cheap oil? ie Magnatec here in the UK.
Mario James
Mario James преди 8 дни
Oh, our Edd's gone all shill like. Say it ain't so Edd
cerbarus3000 преди 17 дни
So Redline is the way to go?
Covert Garage
Covert Garage преди 13 дни
Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.
rcpmac преди 22 дни
Is Edd like homeless and destitute? What a sellout.
Covert Garage
Covert Garage преди 13 дни
Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.
Florin Macarenco
Florin Macarenco преди 25 дни
Ed-Verttizer ChinaMolly su.ks
Buck Shot
Buck Shot преди 28 дни
Right well if I had access to Edd I'd risk owning a land rover as well ! 😎
iliketheodds преди 28 дни
Shameless plug.
lerlo преди 29 дни
Wow, I never knew atf fliud is done like a/c coolant.....
Nick Elliott
Nick Elliott преди месец
Edd's back! Hopefully this extended snake-oil promo will lead to some actual content in the not too distant future. And if oil additives are so amazing, how come the oil companies don't just add them to start with?
notmanynamesleft преди месец
Turn Molly to liquid.
you are a king
Gabe Henning
Gabe Henning преди месец
Most important, check that the old oil filter gasket came with the old filter
Alexander Iskander
Alexander Iskander преди месец
Hi Ed, I have a classic car that needs an engine rebuild, do you offer mechanical services? and if yes were are you located in the UK?
Abderrahim Negadi
Abderrahim Negadi преди месец
Le meilleur mécano en mode ed china bravo
Sean Phillips
Sean Phillips преди месец
But what about the filter in the gearbox ???
Melissa Reynolds
Melissa Reynolds преди месец
0:19 how did you make it? Anime Business Opportunity Earn Money With Anime bgcd.info/one/n3a7hIRuq6mStGA/video Hey! You can get a 15% discount with this code XMT71D
Ger may
Ger may преди 2 месеца
Seriously Ed 🤔
Fernando Costa
Fernando Costa преди 2 месеца
Bom dia Ed tudo bem? Ed estou com um grande problema minha BMW 540IA V8 2001/2 (E39) ela perdeu a aceleração, troquei o TBI troquei bomba e ela não voltou o funcionamento normal. Desliguei o Cabo de bateria agora ela ñ funciona mais. Estou pedindo orientações pois a manutenção desse carro é um absurdo tenho 60 anos sou mecânico mas da antiga. Ela é minha comprei por ser um carro muito conservado tem só 108 mil kilometros originais. Me ajuda por favor. Me responda no email fernando.garcosta@hotmail.com
Neil Holmes
Neil Holmes преди 2 месеца
You used to be able to trust Edd but he has sold his soul, we all gotta make money but he's now trying to tell me that you put this 'snake oil' in your tank to clean your injectors. I remember an old WD episode when he said products like this were BS! Feel sorry for Edd, he left WD as they weren't going to focus on the details of what he did. Then spend ages showing Ant making exhausts from scratch! Also, he was fed up with being in the US, guess what WD are back in the UK Ant s leaving after a bit of a hand over to Marc Priestly (Elvis). I feel for you Edd, I really do but surely you don't have to sell your credibility for a few quid?
Vihree Linja
Vihree Linja преди 2 месеца
you forgot to add sponsored by liquid moly
Steve Twinsticks
Steve Twinsticks преди 2 месеца
I used to love watching Edd on Wheeler Dealers and I appreciate we all need to pay the bills, but this is basically just an advert we've been conned into watching!
Aldo Di Chello
Aldo Di Chello преди 2 месеца
Ciao Edd sei un vero meccanico, congratulazioni in bocca al lupo
Basingstoke Dave
Basingstoke Dave преди 2 месеца
i have a 2008 citeron 2ltr hdivtr and im getting some jerks at all speeds any idea ? doesnt happen all the time...
John Gate1
John Gate1 преди 2 месеца
Delivery is far too rushed. No need for this.
Stuart Conner
Stuart Conner преди 2 месеца
Not a how to. It’s just a commercial for this line of products.
Luca gianella
Luca gianella преди 2 месеца
Sei bravissimo
Hugh Nelmes
Hugh Nelmes преди 2 месеца
Perhaps Amazon etc. should give Edd and the rest of the Drivetribe team a show. Plenty of followers.
Gildardo преди 2 месеца
Does this mean that we will see more Edd China in the DRIVETRIBE channel?
Manuqtix Manuqtix
Manuqtix Manuqtix преди 2 месеца
My car needs an oil service. Jesus Christ, Ed China Actually a major service. Spark plugs. filters, timing belt and so forth
Jawn Hansen
Jawn Hansen преди 3 месеца
Ed China looks like a Walmart version of James May. Who even is this guy?
Ydna Llah
Ydna Llah преди 3 месеца
Did he say liquimoly or castrol? I don’t know if he said it enough
Meta Hindsight Helpers
Meta Hindsight Helpers преди 3 месеца
When the video production quality on drivetribe is actually quite decent for once. One should always immediately feel suspicious,..
Weldon Davis
Weldon Davis преди 3 месеца
advert concerns and bollocks aside, more ed please. ed is cred.
everybody Solo
everybody Solo преди 3 месеца
It's nice to see he's still alive.
Dan D
Dan D преди 3 месеца
This is Mike-Brewer-level-slimy. C'mon guys.
MrCrazy-R преди 3 месеца
when a famous car guy buy 1 of the worst cars u can buy😂
Anders Pedersen
Anders Pedersen преди 3 месеца
Seems Edd’s rent was due.
Vince Bagusauskas
Vince Bagusauskas преди 3 месеца
So Liquid Holy engine oils don't have ceramics? Get one that does
John Ash
John Ash преди 3 месеца
Oil additives? Bad?👎
claude coskey
claude coskey преди 3 месеца
He looks a bit like James May😂
Peter преди 3 месеца
Edd does an Ad
Nick B
Nick B преди 3 месеца
What a waste of Edd.
C. Spencer
C. Spencer преди 3 месеца
you got to pay the bills, and if Ed China says its ok, then its ok.
Samuel Cresswell
Samuel Cresswell преди 3 месеца
Where am I supposed to get Liqui Moly products from? Looked on their website, appears I can’t purchase direct from them
TheStargoose преди 3 месеца
Seems kinda rushed, sketchy and majoring on the advertising. Shame, Ed’s rightly earned a lot of respect over the years. This vid doesn’t seem his style..
Nigel B.
Nigel B. преди 3 месеца
Sponsored by Liqui Moly by any chance? Very poor.
James E Stubbs
James E Stubbs преди 3 месеца
Dude, seriously? NEVER FLUSH TRANSMISSIONS! I personally had one destroyed with this method. I'm stunned you would promote this method.
Nazim DZ 24
Nazim DZ 24 преди 3 месеца
Obviously sponsored by liquimoly but that device is pretty cool.
Jeroen Dorrestein
Jeroen Dorrestein преди 3 месеца
Such a shame, Edd plugging products.
Anfecs Ian
Anfecs Ian преди 3 месеца
What a load of trollop.
Antony Robinson
Antony Robinson преди 3 месеца
This not negative or meant to be horrible but I would love too see edd back on TV doing what he does best not plugging oil companies. Edd you have loads of fans what we want to see is a BGcd series doing your thing or a deal with amazon showing us how to do it ourselves not lini g the pockets of the dealers with fancy machines with people facing fallout from covid we need to know the how to guides to save money not how overspend on car maintenance
A Q преди 3 месеца
Great to have Edd back! But it's like a race horse pulling a cart - get him some proper jobs to do!
Martijn Treffers
Martijn Treffers преди 3 месеца
Now let's do an oil change on an EV
Fanny Magnet
Fanny Magnet преди 3 месеца
If the oil additive is so great, why is it not in the oil to begin with?
Gregorio Nocco
Gregorio Nocco преди 3 месеца
cmon give Edd his real format, this 5 min ad is a real bad welcome. i know you got sponsors but ffs do classy product placement not this lazy ad.
Julians Techsation
Julians Techsation преди 3 месеца
Is this sponsored?
Raptor066 преди 3 месеца
Edd, i respect your knowledge, when i was a kid and teenager i was watching WD with open mouth. In my eyes you were always a superhumble mechanic. But i dont know where that Edd is anymore, i feel you lost a little from it. I still respect you, but it makes me sad you just up for advert and promoted videos, and you dont make videos for you fans if you dont get paid by some company...
stupossibleify преди 3 месеца
Because *all* failures are due to old gearbox and engine oil.... Not, by a long way. You can spend hundreds of £s doing this and not make any difference to the ultimate failure modes of your engine/transmission
Simon Coe
Simon Coe преди 3 месеца
Just unsubscribed from this channel as clearly a advertisement.
Will Bill
Will Bill преди 3 месеца
I think there might have been some product placement in there
Johnny Knoxville
Johnny Knoxville преди 3 месеца
If Ed's driving a Land Rover, he def likes working on cars.
Mordor Fish
Mordor Fish преди 3 месеца
Comments be like "OOOooOooOh ProOooDuuct pLllAaceEmeEEeNttt"
Andy преди 3 месеца
5 minutes of ads.
Ian Smith
Ian Smith преди 3 месеца
I don't know about "includes" a paid promotion. More "was" a paid promotion. 😉
AW преди 3 месеца
edd what are you doing advertising the compeny must be paying you lots ££££ castrol oil is the best
Varmint243 DaveV
Varmint243 DaveV преди 3 месеца
I am disappointed that DriveTribe would sponsor and promote this trash.
Kevin Song
Kevin Song преди 3 месеца
Wait where's the video? There's nothing after a 5-minute ad
The Moore Clan
The Moore Clan преди 3 месеца
Wait, this is an ad.
Ivan Abraham
Ivan Abraham преди 3 месеца
I thought he was James May from the thumbnail.
YOMNAT123 преди 3 месеца
How much is liqumolic or what their name and others paying you for this
pambos kourtoulos
pambos kourtoulos преди 3 месеца
This is not going to make me buy that oil Edd
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi преди 3 месеца
VERY inconspicuous oil commercial )))
Brendan C
Brendan C преди 3 месеца
Edd giving tips for maintaining your car , brilliant I think. DriveTribe - makes add for Liqui Moly and proceeds to demo a AT transmission fluid change with a €7,000.00 machine. Not sure how that aligns with the idea of tips to help maintain you're car , not sure many home gamers are racing out to there local hardware store to pick one up for a Sunday self service. Pathetic.
Patrick Anderson
Patrick Anderson преди 3 месеца
Why wasn't this labelled Liquid Moly tips?
Rhys Trow
Rhys Trow преди 3 месеца
Oh jesus christ just let the fuel cap touch the clearcoat haha
SteveRodgers преди 3 месеца
Yay Ed's back !!!!
S Martin
S Martin преди 3 месеца
Ah, I see, you simply changed the "Automatic Transmission Fluid fluid", which apparently is some fluid for your ATF of some sort. However what happened to the magnet and the filter inside your transmission? I doubt that they were magically cleaned during the process...
gav преди 3 месеца
he's just doing everything old gray beards say to not do, flush your gearbox, flush your engine. say hello to slipping and leaks
Mr Matt
Mr Matt преди 3 месеца
Surely the additive should already be in the oil.
Todd Van Winkle
Todd Van Winkle преди 3 месеца
Oh Edd...love you, and missed you..but...you've been bought, son.
Niclas W
Niclas W преди 3 месеца
snake oil peddler????
Kasir Mir
Kasir Mir преди 3 месеца
Love Edd 👍🏻
Alexander Walker
Alexander Walker преди 3 месеца
Quick tip..... Get an expert with thousands of pounds worth of kit to service the car for you. Thanks Ed.
Blodershade преди 3 месеца
Wheeler dealer was just sad without him.
Adams Angels
Adams Angels преди 3 месеца
Thumbs down
Void Storm
Void Storm преди 3 месеца
Son: Mom can we get James May? Mom: No we have James May at home. James May at home:
Lewis Tate
Lewis Tate преди 3 месеца
The product placement is insane
hunter gamer
hunter gamer преди 3 месеца
Why is it always clips 5 min long can we have longer videos please thanks
anthony porter
anthony porter преди 3 месеца
this is just an advert
Don Juan150
Don Juan150 преди 3 месеца
Only add what your owners manual tells you to do. Anything else is just a waste of money....aka just put gas in and go.....
Rab K
Rab K преди 3 месеца
Get a decent hair cut Edd your getting to white lol
simon walker
simon walker преди 3 месеца
Oh dear......not panned out so well after Wheeler Dealers then?......just plugging a product
Tiaan Franken
Tiaan Franken преди 3 месеца
Will everything work if i don't wear orange gloves?
Amaar Khan
Amaar Khan преди 3 месеца
Finally Edds back fml
Nomik преди 3 месеца
5 Minutes Liqui Moly eddvert
PDBNorth12 преди 3 месеца
So all I need to do to maintain my own automatic gearbox is buy the $9230 Liqui Molly Gear Tronic II, plus consumables. If maintaining my own equipment involves paying someone else to maintain my equipment, I'll just have them change the oil as well.
Nathan Koerner
Nathan Koerner преди 3 месеца
of course it is advertising, how do you think BGcd channels work. If I had a RR then at least I know I don't have to reply on expensive RR to for a service, just find someone that as the advertised equipment or equivalent.
Georgi Mihalkov
Georgi Mihalkov преди 3 месеца
Why are you putting so many ads on a video that's already an ad?!
Gary Walker
Gary Walker преди 3 месеца
Not the best way to feature Edd on this channel.
Tommy Grønvold
Tommy Grønvold преди 3 месеца
Hmmm... It might be just me, but I have a tiny suspicion this might be an advert for something... If I only could figure out what!
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