Hilarious outtakes from Richard Hammond's new Amazon show

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преди 27 дни

Amazon has recently released Richard Hammond's new show, The Great Escapists, and we've managed to get our hands on the outtakes that include Hammond, Mythbuster's Tory Belleci, a humungous swing and an air cannon. Enjoy this hilarious desert island compilation!
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Vaughan преди 2 дни
This is more enjoyable than what I actually watched on Amazon Prime.
Chris преди 9 дни
This show is terrible unfortunately
Cool Purple
Cool Purple преди 11 дни
last time i see Hammond he looks like lite version of Tony Stark now he looks like Logan
Infamous преди 11 дни
The new show is garbage, what where you thinking Hammond you're better than this! The shows Amazon rating should tell you all you need to know..........enough said, please. no more!
marc thorneycroft
marc thorneycroft преди 12 дни
some of those contraptions have colinfurze all over them ?
Adam Williams
Adam Williams преди 15 дни
This was proper poo! Sorry Hammond
ben smith
ben smith преди 16 дни
Filmed entirely on location at Epstein Island.
Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams преди 16 дни
Please nest season have may & jeremy richard host
A преди 18 дни
Commercial garbage
Harold Smith
Harold Smith преди 18 дни
Two second bananas. That's par for Amazon.
Ltechove преди 19 дни
The great escape. Ahahahahahahah it’s fun .
David Davidsonn
David Davidsonn преди 19 дни
when 2 minutes 53 of outakes are more hilarious than the whole series... sad because it could have been better
Lukas Schmidt
Lukas Schmidt преди 19 дни
Is that the guy from myth busters
Garland Bryant
Garland Bryant преди 19 дни
The narration in the show is almost unbearable.
GrockleTD преди 20 дни
ok... this is too funny. i was considering watching before, but now you've convinced me
Demetre Jakhaia
Demetre Jakhaia преди 20 дни
when is it coming out?
robert tarantino
robert tarantino преди 20 дни
Love Grand Tour. Watched Richards show, was boring. Seemed very forced.
Neil Persen
Neil Persen преди 20 дни
Honestly the show was garbage and after watching this it didn't even look like they had much fun doing it. Its a shame they stopped doing the grand tour to partake in their own solo ego work.
Oneeb Jilani
Oneeb Jilani преди 20 дни
Please make more content like this. Less scripted and more outtakes and all. It's not like you didn't do all the stuff so just show all the failures as well.
The Second Initiate
The Second Initiate преди 20 дни
Our beloved trio rely too much on the crew and the producers which inevitably gives them power and then they start killing the magic with their input. The formula is LESS is MORE. It should be about who the talent actually is, and their real reactions to the challenges, which must also be real and include an element of real peril. Just dont let Hammond drive anything fast but let him be himself his natural wit is better than any writing.
Chris Creaturo
Chris Creaturo преди 20 дни
Tory and Richard have great improv skills and feed off the people they’re working with. Definitely need less scripting
Tvrtko Harapin
Tvrtko Harapin преди 21 ден
The show is rather dull
Ian Beale
Ian Beale преди 21 ден
these clips where much more enjoyable than the show
feelthepayne88 преди 21 ден
Whaaaaaa?? Tory Belleci and Richard Hammond??
Wayne Pantry
Wayne Pantry преди 21 ден
Hilarious ? I think i will give it a miss . . .
Harry rollinson
Harry rollinson преди 21 ден
This is more entertaining than the show
Cr3ePiO преди 21 ден
Haven't seen the show, but judging from the comments i'm wondering, how the heck can you mess up a show with these two?
Alex Barrett
Alex Barrett преди 19 дни
Easily, by scripting it and making it heavily biased towards an American audience.
Nicholas James
Nicholas James преди 21 ден
These are the bits to leave in.
Konor Sacks
Konor Sacks преди 22 дни
I want a full episode of bloopers
WelshTony1's Unboxing, Reviews and Guides
WelshTony1's Unboxing, Reviews and Guides преди 22 дни
Watched episode 1, wont be watching any more. It could have been a great fun show but it was made to serious and what's the point of the fake cops? I just don't get it. The hype was real and some of the ideas are great but it was put together poorly
Edd Dicker
Edd Dicker преди 22 дни
And here I thought 2020 was a Dumpster Fire.....then along came this show!
popshed pilot
popshed pilot преди 22 дни
I thought the Internet was being mean about this program till I watched it, every negative comment was warranted and spot on. Could of been great but they fu#*ed it up
peter obermuller
peter obermuller преди 22 дни
"It's not easy, pulling of Clarkson" - Tory. Thanks for that image there, matey.. :D
Fahad Iqbal
Fahad Iqbal преди 22 дни
Hammond you need to get rid of the gotti, I can’t take you seriously not that I do anyway
A Smith
A Smith преди 22 дни
footlong 67
footlong 67 преди 22 дни
Hilarious 😐
Ongo Gablogian
Ongo Gablogian преди 22 дни
These guys make cool crazy-old-men.
Jamie Kirkland
Jamie Kirkland преди 22 дни
Love Richard hammond but this was way to scripted, wish amazon used more of these outtakes these two are hilarious when left to there own devices :)
Shawbag 11
Shawbag 11 преди 22 дни
I really did enjoy this show but i though it lost me a bit with the story things they where doing. like ik some things have to be scripted like grand tour but the kinda cheesy acting and kinda meh story they where going with was a bit er id sooner it be more like this still doing challenges and stuff but withought the story that is trying a little too hard.
Xender-31 преди 22 дни
Two funny men from two show that both died from my childhood So sad.😞
Willem Mevius
Willem Mevius преди 22 дни
The first episode is all a bit confusing, but I got into it now, and it gets better later on. Where was it filmed? Panama? During Covid?
White Noise
White Noise преди 22 дни
Awesome show! So much fun!!
Nolan David
Nolan David преди 22 дни
Funnier than anything that made it into the show.
Matt Burkey
Matt Burkey преди 22 дни
This is better than the first episode.
J mow-T
J mow-T преди 22 дни
It was heavily scripted but there’s Nothing like it and got better every episode. I really really enjoyed it. I suggest a stronger survival aspect, like survive an artificial storm in 1 day build shelter, high winds, waves... etc.
Andrei Arama
Andrei Arama преди 22 дни
Because of this show Jeff Bezos resigned?
Thokozani Gabela
Thokozani Gabela преди 22 дни
Haha I love how Richard still has his youth
Terry Breedlove
Terry Breedlove преди 23 дни
So do we only get one Grand Tour show ever couple years now. Losing interest fast.
Paul Meenan
Paul Meenan преди 23 дни
Can’t watch this show. I would if James May was in it.
spilfington преди 23 дни
Take out the over acting and over scriptedness, include more this and more of the engineering stuff that it might be watchable in my opinion.
Flappity преди 23 дни
Im experiencing minor disappoint now - is that what she said Hammond?
Paul Nowlin
Paul Nowlin преди 23 дни
Didn't know about the show before this, but watched the whole thing. Thanks for posting this, the show was hilarious!
Firebrand преди 23 дни
REALLY forced and unfunny
MikaelS. преди 23 дни
I am not sure if this will be a success :-O
Matt Masengale
Matt Masengale преди 23 дни
Still curious how this show got pitched and casted. Who suggested pairing 1/3 of one of the most entertaining trio in tv history with the C player from Mythbusters’ B team? Even so, it has potential.
Danny Cooke
Danny Cooke преди 23 дни
If I'm being honest... I didn't find the series very great at all.. I had all hopes for big things, with Hammond doing Braniac and Tori doing Mythbusters, there was the thought of them doing smart, snazzy things. Instead, it was all a big bit of fiction stringing out a few interesting things that would have all filled the 40 minutes of a single episode if all done together..
Jonathan M
Jonathan M преди 23 дни
That American no-body was annoying.
Jonathan M
Jonathan M преди 23 дни
Not worth the 25 seconds it took to illegally download. These bits were better though.
Harahan 4886
Harahan 4886 преди 23 дни
These are genuinely hilarious outtakes from a tragically un-hilarious show. :(
tbx123 преди 23 дни
The illuminati is making them not act like themselves and dance like puppets
2to4 преди 24 дни
Get rid of the interrogation scenes and myth busters guy. Need someone as funny as Richard.
Luke Perry
Luke Perry преди 24 дни
Is that Tori Bellachi?
Kaden S
Kaden S преди 24 дни
These dudes just living in rust
Tuukka Silventoinen
Tuukka Silventoinen преди 24 дни
I seriously loved this show! Of course it was scripted and someone else made the builds but it was fun, satire in its own way and I felt like Tory and Richard got along really nicely. Really enjoyed watching it. But I would love seeing what Tory and Richard come up with on their own, not scripted.
usernamesoldout преди 24 дни
Richard talking about animals he's seen from a tent was mildly more entertaining than this. Tory is wasted in this one too.
smith david
smith david преди 24 дни
Do studios not realise of scripts are in and we want them.
smith david
smith david преди 24 дни
This looks awsome 🙌
rasmuspaetau преди 24 дни
I really loved the show, it showed that you guys had alot of fun, and i am very hungry for more BTS stuff, all the footage that was edited out, just gimme it all
Joe Bryant
Joe Bryant преди 24 дни
E1 was one of the worst things I have ever watched in my life. It was about as wooden as, well, a lump of wood. I won't be watching E2.
Eri преди 24 дни
honestly this was better than the actual series, who ever is the director did a boo boo
name преди 24 дни
The show's science and engineering part was great. But, to improve the humor please let the show be less scripted . We would like to see the real you . Richard simply didn't feel like the Richard we knew and love
MAD- YORKSHIREMAN преди 24 дни
The show is awful. Why do the pair of them have to act like they haven’t a brain cell between them? They’re both clever guys and it’s just ridiculous and cringeworthy watching them behave that way.
Joe Foulkes
Joe Foulkes преди 24 дни
I think I watched new top gear longer than I watched this... that’s how bad it is. Such a shame.
Sue Perb
Sue Perb преди 24 дни
Is this dude the dude who’s was in that show with the other dudes who did the myths ?
Mike Jones
Mike Jones преди 24 дни
It's a bit of a joke how Amazon brands this show as being unscripted.
David Shakespeare
David Shakespeare преди 24 дни
No Sorry but NO
Alfred The Third
Alfred The Third преди 24 дни
That show was that bad I’ve cancelled my Amazon prime membership
Ken Arts
Ken Arts преди 24 дни
Just finished the show. I knew u can’t put a Brit and an American on an island
R0b0saurus Rex
R0b0saurus Rex преди 24 дни
I love both of these guys but the show is terrible whoever the writer is they need to be fired. This show could have been so much better.
theoneandonlyJTR преди 24 дни
I don't understand the hate. It was never billed as being a serious show. It was obviously scripted and meant to be ridiculous. I found it entertaining, because they are both entertaining guys. I just enjoyed it as a show.
joe White
joe White преди 24 дни
Is it worth watching.
ThatIronsideGuy преди 24 дни
I love hammond but I just feel like this would be better unscripted and without the interrogation.
Flannel преди 24 дни
It would be better if the humor wasn’t written for five year olds
Nikola Đuričić
Nikola Đuričić преди 24 дни
This is a combination of Brainiac, Mythbusters and Man Woman Wild...
ikeafan648 преди 24 дни
Bitter Bar
Bitter Bar преди 24 дни
This wasn't hilarious at all, false reclamation.
Quill Maurer
Quill Maurer преди 24 дни
2:49 The perfect juxtaposition of American vs. British response to frustration. 0:00 We've already seen Richard's "wrong way up," I guess this is Tory's.
Martipar преди 24 дни
Former Top gear presenter shipwrecked on a remote desert island, using their engineering and scientific skills to not only to survive, but to construct a paradise island playground. Sounds a lot like Rough Science to me.
NZGilead преди 24 дни
The problem with this show is that I don't know what I am watching. It is a succession of jokes, is it a show about craftmanship should you end up on a paradise island with unlimited supply ? It is supposed to be a tv serie, is it suppose to be remotely scientific ? It is so unrealistic, of course we all know it is fake, since when two guys would be filmed without a crew. They are both over playing their characters. From all the TV shows I watched with Richard Hammond who I like a lot, this one is so not the usual Richard. I don't watch with enthusiasm, I watch to see if at a point in time in will understand what is the "purpose" of this show. If it were a little bit more realistic and with the funny side I would understand but with this format I honestly still don't know what to think about all that.
David Foreman
David Foreman преди 24 дни
Richard whatever happened to your XK150 Jaguar ?? I keep looking!
DJShadesUK преди 25 дни
I think we have vastly different definitions of the word "Hilarious".
Feral Potato
Feral Potato преди 25 дни
This could be a great show, keep it more raw than scripted, sort of like scrap heap challenge mixed with mythbusters, on a desert island, and Richard and Tory will have a winner of a program.
Lesley Smith
Lesley Smith преди 25 дни
Sorry mate. A child might find your new show slightly amusing but only if they were well under the age of 5. Oh, and delete the word 'hilarious' from the video title because it isn't.
Arthur преди 25 дни
It’s not the same without the other two. You either go it alone, or all three. You are all locked in a gravitational pull like the planets.
crns преди 22 дни
that's just bollocks
Irufushi преди 25 дни
I turned it off after 20mins. Absolutely brutal viewing.
Kris Rogers
Kris Rogers преди 25 дни
I'll repeat what others have said... I'm a fan of both Hammond and Tory, but this series was absolutely painful to watch... The cutting back and forth to the interviews, Tory's terrible acting, it was awful. I'm sure there's an entertaining program to be made out of this concept, and I'll bet it could have been done with footage that was captured off script. Personally, I'd like to see it lose the faked drama, especially if you're going to make no effort to conceal how fake every other aspect of this show is.
Johny Oxley
Johny Oxley преди 25 дни
the thing i want to know is how did they become friends
Thahat преди 25 дни
MFW the outtakes were better than the show (the engineering: interesting, the fake acting.. Not so much)
Denise Potter-Hoskisson
Denise Potter-Hoskisson преди 25 дни
I loved it. I knew it would be scripted and planned...isn’t Grand Tour and I just love that so much; those three guys together have such comedy chemistry, it’s a joy to watch. I’d not seen or heard of Tori before and he is now my new favourite...🤣... I loved the Vortex gun he made. What I loved about this programme, was all the explaining of the physics and chemistry, which I love but have never had the ability to understand. These two are the best teachers, and if you watch with your children, it’s great family entertainment. Loved it so much, I’ll watch again just for all the inventions. Brilliant. Enjoy it for what it is...FUN
Odd Helsing
Odd Helsing преди 25 дни
Remove the interviews, HEAVILY reduce the scripted overacted dialogue, focus on the building and science and it could be an interesting show.
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