Restoring the car that Clarkson, Hammond and May all love | Ep.1

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The car that Clarkson, Hammond and May all love is being fully restored! After introducing the DriveTribe Ford Mondeo ST200 to you guys last year, the end of 2020 has seen us start the full nut and bolt restoration of this rare performance saloon. In partnership with Halfords, Mike and the guys from MAD Ford Engineering will transform this ST into the finest example in the country over the next few months. In this first episode, the car gets stripped down to its bare bones...
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Lynestro The Conqueror
Lynestro The Conqueror преди 8 дни
Idk it looks fine to me.
Dave Rowarth
Dave Rowarth преди 12 дни
3 cars... this one and the Outback... Am I missing something here... a subtle (but poor) joke perhaps? Please help.
Jack Ginster
Jack Ginster преди 14 дни
What’s the third car they all like?
Tony Stark
Tony Stark преди 15 дни
Halfords, ATS, Formula One Autocentres, kwikfit all do a winter and summer “free” safety check to get customers through the door, to find work and quote.. Speaking from experience and a former quick fit manager , support your local independent garages
Stephen db
Stephen db преди 17 дни
Anyone who loves cars does not take it to Halfords for any check.
Chris Logan
Chris Logan преди 18 дни
I can’t stop thinking Mike is moonlighting as Nick from New Girl
Kai Dahlhaus
Kai Dahlhaus преди 25 дни
I really want to say hello to the workshop kitty
Johnathon Naumann
Johnathon Naumann преди 27 дни
Was the American one the contour svo
gcm747 преди 27 дни
Well that’s an easier way to remove an engine. Take the car out instead.
kirito hu1912
kirito hu1912 преди 27 дни
I still miss my contour what a great car
TheJociman преди 27 дни
Restoration prolly costs around 25k. I'm I high or low?
NBMTX преди 27 дни
I don't know what I expected, but that's certainly (going to be) a restoration.
MinterVision преди 27 дни
I had the US version of this, the Contour SVT Fun, throaty and surprisingly quick. Unfortunately plagued with European build issues and wasn’t that reliable. But for some reason I still miss it.
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith преди 28 дни
How could you guys all like the V6 Mondeo but not the i6 barra falcon, I'll never know...
GarThor Son of Odin
GarThor Son of Odin преди 28 дни
... but why? ... this is the ugliest car that ford ever produced. Its a UK Taurus... how did the top gear hosts ever find anything nice to say about this thing?
rizveee ahmeds
rizveee ahmeds преди 28 дни
The even excellent excited basket ideally scorch because seal culturally remain except a woebegone quince. terrific, rich carbon
JxC преди 28 дни
Man. Everything is so cheap in the UK.
Mrbigolnuts преди 28 дни
You could have at least made it electric.
METAL METAL DAN преди 28 дни
Yo what’s Mike doing with a Wawa coffee mug in the UK?
DrewLSsix преди 29 дни
The touring cars didn't have a duratec engine though, they ran the Mazda K series engines.
Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla
Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla преди 29 дни
Great video. ☺️
Jarmo преди 29 дни
i do really need me some wiper blade checking
Life Of Vadim
Life Of Vadim преди 29 дни
Why not Mondeo Mk3? It's better in every way.
Garry преди 29 дни
Why did they switch the numberplates and pretend the donor car was the one being refurbed?
Frank Stein
Frank Stein преди 29 дни
Dunno about the UK,but overhere Halfords is a shop where only complete knobs waist their time and money.......
Your Tapeworm
Your Tapeworm преди 29 дни
The content I've been looking for on here! Wish the trio were around so they could yell at Jeremy for wacking things with a hammer
Micah Reinhart
Micah Reinhart преди 29 дни
I love how people who don't rip their own cars apart talk about ripping cars apart
ardvark84 преди 29 дни
2:34 welding sounds like James is at it.
mattorama преди 29 дни
They sold this car in the US as the Contour SVT, and I've never met somebody who had one and wasn't trying to get rid of it.
Jokur 26
Jokur 26 преди 28 дни
Loved mine. Bit short on power but it just did most everything well. It was comfortable and familiar, like a favorite old pair of gloves
DBCSgaming преди 29 дни
one of the best cars i ever owned
Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas преди месец
Don't you just hate TV wan**** (Guy Martin quote ) compared to someone who actually knows what he talks about ha ha
Arr DubU
Arr DubU преди месец
You lost me at "Covid-19 protocols"
brooke robertson
brooke robertson преди месец
I wouldn't trust Halfords to fix my trolley at the supermarket....
lazycalm41 преди месец
Not the best looking Mondeo, the 'nostril' variant. The model after and the current Mondeo are by far the prettiest.
Christy Cullen
Christy Cullen преди месец
This is the closet vibe I've had to old school wheeler dealers in a long time. More of this kind of content please. Big thumbs up
Damir Kvajo
Damir Kvajo преди месец
I drive a 1.8TD Estate with ST200 recaro seats. Bought it for 300€ and spent another 1700 to get it where I want it. I love it more than ST200 especially at the gas station :)
Reverend George
Reverend George преди месец
As Halfords are sponsoring this renovation they should have sent one or more of their 'mechanics' along to see how to do the jobs properly. Halford service makes Kwick-Fit seem almost competent.
[KPG] преди месец
Livestreaming the work on the car is probably the best idea for mechanic-customer transparency I've ever heard of.
Jammaster Flash
Jammaster Flash преди месец
Roberto Helder Onetti
Roberto Helder Onetti преди месец
Where is the next video ???
Martel 732
Martel 732 преди месец
Can someone please take James May to the retirement home
yegho Blacksmith
yegho Blacksmith преди месец
This is one of those garage i would like to work its a dream job for me but im not mechanic but i love cars and restoring its like asmr
HappyDude преди месец
It like this car Its handsome rare and a it has a cool engine, just empty the exhaust to hear that V6
Vlad Bleoanca
Vlad Bleoanca преди месец
for more views you should use the names and surnames in the title
David Emmett
David Emmett преди месец
Anybody notice the snapped spanner hanging up at 2:32?
Thomas Knight
Thomas Knight преди месец
I had a SVT contour which is basically muricas version of the car and out of the 60 cars I’ve had including mustangs Camaro’s and even a manual 2jz is300 my contour was my favorite
MrFlazz99 преди месец
Clearly a labour of love because there's no way that the real cost of that restoration could be justified by the final value. Whoever gets that car in the future will be getting a bargain.
M owler
M owler преди месец
So is the American version The Ford Taurus? because if it is that is a very boring car.
Richard France
Richard France преди месец
Very plain car. Why invest so much money in it?
Adrian Hunt
Adrian Hunt преди месец
I love to see cars getting refurbished so I can’t wait for part 2. When is it coming out?
Peter Rounce
Peter Rounce преди месец
Maybe James May is restoring it with how long the next episode is taking
Stephane Hutchinson
Stephane Hutchinson преди месец
Where is ep 2?/?
Finnian Fitzsimons
Finnian Fitzsimons преди месец
garage tour plz
scottg G
scottg G преди месец
When’s episode 2
Selwan Al-Amin
Selwan Al-Amin преди месец
Wheres episode 2?
cubonenineO преди месец
*this is cool*
Cameron Tubb
Cameron Tubb преди месец
whens the next epsidoe?
Jason Dagless
Jason Dagless преди месец
I had one as a company car back in the day. Loved it. Never took it over 75mph! A fab cruiser. Used to get boy racers on my tail all the time but just used to wave them round.
Lee Johnston
Lee Johnston преди месец
Where are the rest of the videos for this car
Neil G
Neil G преди месец
When is episode 2?
jeffrey arnold
jeffrey arnold преди месец
watch for it later this week.
John O'Higgins
John O'Higgins преди месец
Is there any fecking chance of putting up the second episode...melters
rodilbodil преди месец
Did May forget how to count? You mentioned one other car..... But there was three cars you agreed on, no?
Craig Seifert
Craig Seifert преди месец
The cat is the MVP!
bandi53 преди месец
The version of this car sold in North America (Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique... or mistake) was probably the worst Ford product ever sold here. That's saying something.
Shi-Hao 'Eccx' Chan
Shi-Hao 'Eccx' Chan преди месец
Fun Fact; in Singapore, the Generals in the Army, are given the Ford Modeo to be used in their entire term of service as a General.
Ed banks
Ed banks преди месец
Does anyone know when the next episode is out? Or is it being uploaded on a different channel? It’s been ages since Ep.1
jeffrey arnold
jeffrey arnold преди месец
@shane look out next Wednesday
PeaveyPV20 преди месец
James mays version of wheeler dealers
Sargatanas2k2 преди месец
Which one of the three doesn't like the Fiesta ST?
Legend RockPlot
Legend RockPlot преди месец
part 2?
kamikazekaos преди месец
My 55 reg mk3 tdci is strong engine/ car still going and fast as fk
Ossie Womack
Ossie Womack преди месец
155k? It’s practically new! My ‘99 focus is on 226k and still going (just!). I wish I had the money to restore my old girl :’(
dan lindsay
dan lindsay преди месец
I wouldn't trust halfords with any work on my car again. They couldn't even replace the wiper blades without them falling off when it started raining and scratching the windscreen!
Battleship Nagato
Battleship Nagato преди месец
wait a minute is this the very Mondeo they took to the funeral in GT?
Salvis Butāns
Salvis Butāns преди месец
''SLAMMED'', man I thought thats OEM height :D
Rajeeb Barma
Rajeeb Barma преди месец
Kamila Herbert
Kamila Herbert преди месец
where can we find episode 2?
Dan Lawrence
Dan Lawrence преди месец
Cant find next episode
geoffphuket преди месец
Oh, where's Ep2?
MassivelyMusic преди месец
Where is the follow up episode?
Ewa Zbyszynski
Ewa Zbyszynski преди месец
Take that to Halfords and get a free service and get after market rims
Free thinker
Free thinker преди месец
When is the next episode coming online ?
Nuut Bournes
Nuut Bournes преди месец
You dont waste money on that POS
WickedTRX преди месец
7:47 that’s what she said
Chriso преди месец
The presenter talks as if he has never touched a car before. "Ooooo I'm scared!" Is this a car channel or a children's channel?
Joshua Law
Joshua Law преди месец
Literally everything in that 'Halford Check' thing is just stuff you can easily do at home in 20 minutes time.
Stuart Taylor
Stuart Taylor преди месец
When’s the next instalment??
Steven Rout
Steven Rout преди месец
When is the next episode coming on line
Rui Jorge Meira
Rui Jorge Meira преди месец
john roads
john roads преди месец
BrapTechFun преди месец
Freaking out over the rust on the exhaust muffler, then generalizing it over the car, is the most normie thing EVER
Oliver York
Oliver York преди месец
When’s the next episode coming?
Ram Walker
Ram Walker преди месец
Did those cars come to the US
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith преди месец
probably spent the cars value just taking it apart
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery преди месец
Does anyone know how much this costs
No Name
No Name преди месец
i tought its gonna be the Dacia Sandero
ASMRAlpha преди месец
I used to own one of these when they came out. It was slow, boring and did I mention slow? You would put your foot down and it would get ‘angry’. Loads of induction noise but it wouldn’t speed up lol. I sold it within about four months and bought an M3. That said, the M3 was sold within about 6 lol.
S.W.W преди месец
lolol! Ford Mondeo ! I mean those who have been watching them talking about cars must be feeling like idiots! At least they should!
Bal Boughan
Bal Boughan преди месец
Chav heaven
Mr Jean Deaux
Mr Jean Deaux преди месец
Is that the music from _Outrun??_
ben preece
ben preece преди месец
Ep 2 ?
Restoring the car that Clarkson, Hammond and May all love | Ep.2
Ford Mondeo ST200 update - This is where it will be fully restored!
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