Richard Hammond reunites with Oliver!

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Over the past couple of years, Richard Hammond has been neglecting his Opel Kadett, Oliver. So just before the worst of the British winter rolled in, Richard took the opportunity to check in on his Okavango Delta-smiting friend.
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johnk преди 20 дни
1.5k dislikes ? blasphemy ! i see that top...something got all employes , family, friends and total number of viewers to hit that button .
Stefanos Panethidis
Stefanos Panethidis преди 27 дни
Full on rally car
crankypipo преди месец
Just leave it in the museum of the trios own brand of car journalism along with other stuff - instant tourism business
Onuralp Aydınoğlu
Onuralp Aydınoğlu преди месец
Restore it!
Will B
Will B преди месец
Christian Cardich
Christian Cardich преди 3 часа
Put a small 3 cylinder turbo engine and pair it with and hybrid system
Ziggy-TW преди 17 часа
Oliver has more dignity than most people... treat him to a factory refresh.
SMPandanic преди 20 часа
I'd say keep him the way Oliver is cuz 1. HISTORY 2. money 3. its a friend and thats what matters
the truth
the truth преди 20 часа
Aww, I love Oliver! It looks like a miniature Ford Falcon.
Falconpunch2 преди 23 часа
ROLLOVER -(rally oliver)
A R преди ден
Restore it to original please
Daniel Kantor
Daniel Kantor преди ден
Restore him to his factory default, he will be so cute
Chuck Shipley
Chuck Shipley преди ден
Factory fresh. All his horses rangled back to his corral.
nine преди 2 дни
While I love to see old Opels in their Factory restored beauty, you can do a mix of both you just mentioned if it really is an Option, Boxer Engine or ask Opel for an engine from an Adam or Astra, make it a bit lower, maybe some wider arches, really lights, the options are endless, tho I support the Factory restoration.
Alex Bloor
Alex Bloor преди 2 дни
Seeing as your going through a mid life crisis maybe a monster truck Oliver 😂
Teenage Gamer
Teenage Gamer преди 2 дни
Please keep him factory
seanC3i преди 2 дни
I'd suggest a restore-to-factory. Maybe a nice new paint job in your favourite colour but no massive changes (other than repairs) otherwise. But is it just me or did Hammond get really old? Maybe it's that beard.
Keith Hughes
Keith Hughes преди 2 дни
Restore him to his former glory days
Robert Craighead
Robert Craighead преди 2 дни
Shoot it out of a cannon you'll be head in the long run.
taxid3rmy преди 2 дни
Ah, but unlike all the thousands upon thousands of other makes and models of cars, Oliver even has his own song (here's the chorus): "Oliver's army is here to stay Oliver's army is on their way And i would rather be anywhere else But here today." Take that, you posh, hoity-toity, namby-pamby sports cars :P
Mārtiņš Brauns
Mārtiņš Brauns преди 3 дни
Oliver is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hangm4n преди 3 дни
Purple, and a V8, richard? That'd be idiotic, you'd ruin the nice handling characteristics of such a light car. Restore to factory all the way.
Fyfeboy преди 4 дни
Resto-mod . Make him look stock outside but have a much more powerful engine and updated suspension and breaks for a better performance
Dry Roasted
Dry Roasted преди 4 дни
Find a nice pasture to put him in... forever!
jakob kjær
jakob kjær преди 4 дни
Retro rally aaaallllll the way💪👍
Maluti преди 4 дни
yes please! Retro Ralley Car!!!!!!! Or original thing, keeping him as he is!
brad tunbridge
brad tunbridge преди 4 дни
I’m on the restore to factory side but if you still want something special maybe replace the petrol engine and retrofit Oliver with an electric setup. One of those other presenters will love you for it (or hate you).
Sean Donahue
Sean Donahue преди 4 дни
What a beautiful car
Tshepo Keakile
Tshepo Keakile преди 5 дни
Come to think of it Oliver has a personality. Not a lot of cars are that cool where they could have their own Twitter followers
Makke преди 5 дни
Christ, interesting video until 4min and then 😑
El_Fif преди 5 дни
He needs to live forever! Turn him electric!⚡
Laurie J03
Laurie J03 преди 5 дни
Restore him to factory new
Shashank.P преди 6 дни
Edith Sullivan
Edith Sullivan преди 6 дни
The tough shovel noticeably place because handball industrially belong excluding a puzzled snowstorm. fragile, graceful maid
Rence Vandebiggelaar
Rence Vandebiggelaar преди 6 дни
This is adorable, it shows a car doesn’t have to be perfect or new but a car can be about memories, nostalgia and just experiences with the car and people you’re with, thanks for this video
Rence Vandebiggelaar
Rence Vandebiggelaar преди 6 дни
That car has a special place in all our hearts
Kevin Castro
Kevin Castro преди 7 дни
Carlo Singh
Carlo Singh преди 7 дни
Restore him to MINT condition, but keep him original!!
kk cheung
kk cheung преди 7 дни
classic Oliver for the win, any overpowering adjustmebt on Oliver would look like a bodybuilder with bubble gut...
NCHERRYable преди 7 дни
Rally car, pretty please
David Pahtoon
David Pahtoon преди 7 дни
Oh please make him factory fresh with the same paint. Its iconic
IRMacGuyver преди 8 дни
As much as I'd love to see Oliver factory fresh it would be cool to see him get a peppier engine. A V8 would be going too far though. Would disc brakes be going too far?
The Rookie cop
The Rookie cop преди 8 дни
Oliver just screams Rustomod to me.
ashish lokhande
ashish lokhande преди 8 дни
Restore him to stock. Hold some sort of competition and make Oliver the prize along with some on screen time. Just make sure whoever wins him, actually really needs a car. That makes it tricky competition to hold i guess but thats the only meaningful thing you can do with it at this point
Joydratha Sarkar
Joydratha Sarkar преди 9 дни
Please no purple stuff but you would no best
Robert H Guysky
Robert H Guysky преди 9 дни
Needed a Sebastian “Vet-tel”cameo😂
RBBB 26 преди 9 дни
Happy to see Hammond and Oliver together ❤️❤️
Lord Ree
Lord Ree преди 9 дни
I like the v8 idea
IOnceAteAPinecone преди 9 дни
Please turn this into a boosted rally racer. Oliver is an angel of a car, he deserves to fly.
Julian Slator
Julian Slator преди 9 дни
you should fully max him out with a V8 from a jag and wheels from a merc just make it like a childhood fantaciy car
Josh-Coolstuff764 преди 9 дни
Restore him to factory fresh
simon o'mahony
simon o'mahony преди 9 дни
Has anyone noticed how Richard Hammond is looking more and more like Roger Delgado aka the original master from Doctor who classic
Humanesheild преди 9 дни
Take it to the boys at Bad obsession motor sports
James Rueb
James Rueb преди 9 дни
restore oliver to factory, he should stay the way you got him. He's too special to just change
Sreekar Pradyumna
Sreekar Pradyumna преди 10 дни
Whatever you do, don't give him bigger wheels. You'll ruin it.
SVTBird 96
SVTBird 96 преди 10 дни
Mostly restored with better shocks, springs, and sway bars. And Id like to see a Cosworth YTB with a TKO600 in it. Make it a bit more fun to drive but not over do it.
WouterZtube преди 10 дни
Only factory fresh would do him justice
Badescu Andi
Badescu Andi преди 10 дни
Hello Richard Hammond ,say hello from Romania 🇷🇴
Happy Viking
Happy Viking преди 10 дни
Angie K
Angie K преди 10 дни
Restore the body and interior to factory fresh. Then put an LS in him with a 4 or 5 speed manual transmission. You can never go wrong with a stock looking sleeper ;)
Marko Kaleb
Marko Kaleb преди 10 дни
Restore it like it was originally.
J Z преди 10 дни
make him a monster truck
Mckenzie Donald
Mckenzie Donald преди 11 дни
Make him factory fresh
Alice Shadows
Alice Shadows преди 11 дни
Make himas he was from factory
Mike Funderburk
Mike Funderburk преди 11 дни
Give Oliver to me!! I'll restore him!
Andrey Toropov
Andrey Toropov преди 11 дни
Restore him like he rolled off the factory an hour ago and enjoy your Sundays with a car which is better than any Ferrari;)
JerKKeR преди 12 дни
I think a Restomod would be best. Fitting in a more modern engine, modern suspension and whatever. Mechanically in Top Shape with more modern parts but visually still the same oliver through and through
Lopaka Kapua
Lopaka Kapua преди 12 дни
Factory fresh. It's the only way Hamster. You'd hate yourself if you did anything but.
HMWaluigi преди 12 дни
Make him how he left the factory, and make a special video with Opel about it..
Handsome Italian
Handsome Italian преди 12 дни
Restore him to the condition he was during the special
Ian Davidson
Ian Davidson преди 12 дни
And you shot him
Jelle Augustijn
Jelle Augustijn преди 12 дни
He deserves to be made to factory spec again!
Playing With Fire
Playing With Fire преди 12 дни
OLIVEEEERRRRRR..... I mean i love ya!
Michael Gillis
Michael Gillis преди 12 дни
Restore to factory on the outside, but make him future proof by converting him to electric. That way we can follow along with the restoration and conversion.
rhokor преди 12 дни
Standard, but keep the horn!
Benjamin Tech
Benjamin Tech преди 12 дни
Just repair him! DON'T CHANGE A THING!
Rodney Prusa
Rodney Prusa преди 13 дни
Definitely restore Oliver mate. I reckon you would regret changing his character if you modified him.
TOXIC GRIMER преди 13 дни
Factory reset him
Covert Garage
Covert Garage преди 12 дни
I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars
Spitfirepilot19 преди 13 дни
Restoration of a classic car such as this won’t be boring. Would love to see this car being restored to its former glory
Matticus Madness
Matticus Madness преди 13 дни
_”Top... Something or other.”_ Richard trying to make BBC crash like he did with the Rimac. _”Night night.”_ Okay. That killed me.
jam beats
jam beats преди 13 дни
Rich you are more of an off road, rally kind of guy
For Commenting
For Commenting преди 13 дни
He'd make a pretty cool rally car, feels like that's what's in his heart, and it would give Hammond an excuse to actually drive him.
rusty nunya
rusty nunya преди 14 дни
Restore everything to factory spec but , put a cosworth in it
Covert Garage
Covert Garage преди 12 дни
Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.
Tyler Keen
Tyler Keen преди 14 дни
Please don't ruin him. He's amazing the way he is. new gearbox though......maybe.
karakuri002 преди 14 дни
Give it an electric engine
The Dark Side
The Dark Side преди 14 дни
Restore him to factory stock don't mutilate him!
Keenan Smith
Keenan Smith преди 14 дни
Factory restoration
Marc L
Marc L преди 14 дни
Oliver = Yes Opel Mokka = No I would love the classic rally style on him 😁
Jake преди 14 дни
shameless little bit of opel promotion there. slimy indeed.
s14duma преди 14 дни
Restore it and make it a sleeper slammed with small twin turbos.
Roberts Zonīs
Roberts Zonīs преди 14 дни
Mustang stripes and done
custommotor преди 14 дни
My vote is to keep the body and interior original. But get rid of the motor and put in an electric motor. Electric motor with maybe 50 horsepower and a five-speed. It would be delightful and have plenty of torque. If we can achieve 200 miles of range it would be perfect. It is made to be a get around the town family car with short trips elsewhere.
Glenn Knowles
Glenn Knowles преди 14 дни
Amphibious vehicle...
Kaylin Rajah
Kaylin Rajah преди 15 дни
Restore oliver to factory fresh condition and get him a twin brother to convert to a classic rally car (or drag car or drift car or a stance car, anything exciting), get the best of both
Drew G
Drew G преди 15 дни
I'd say that you only repair what's broken. I wouldnt even restore. Oliver is a friend.
Drew G
Drew G преди 15 дни
I made a car on Forza horizon 4 look as close to oliver as I could. It's not an opel...I just like oliver a lot. Cool little car.
davidaxman преди 15 дни
I'd say fix what's broken but don't overdo it. The soul is in the wear and tear.
Richard Lam
Richard Lam преди 15 дни
make it a rally beast, like the old 2cv it would rock
Andrew R32GTR
Andrew R32GTR преди 15 дни
Please do what I’ve been saying Oliver needs for years. A worked 13B turbo leave the body as is just a diff, some fat tyres, a power glide. Or maybe just a 5 speed & that’s it. He will he SLEEPER OLIVER !
Marshall the firepup
Marshall the firepup преди 15 дни
Oliver has been with him since Top gear. Just leave him the way he is. He has been with him since he cured Olivers cold.
Bailey Halifax
Bailey Halifax преди 15 дни
Restore him and add a bit more horsepower, not too much however.
Robin Molineaux
Robin Molineaux преди 15 дни
Give it to Clarkson to fix up!
Joker преди 15 дни
Hammer Rocks
Hammer Rocks преди 15 дни
Restore it mechanically, and repair the damage done to the door by your mate. But leave the exterior and interior as is. They are its characters and your reminder of its Botswana adventure.
Igor Dultsev
Igor Dultsev преди 15 дни
How about electrifying him? People do that to old cars nowadays
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