This is why James May is selling his Ferrari...

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Yup, you've read that correctly, James has put his Ferrari up for sale. Listen as he explains why he has decided to let it go...
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Alistair S
Alistair S преди час
James May is incorrect. Not because the opposing perspective is the correct one, but because he has missed the point. The 308 is understandably out of step with his current taste and level of patience, but to call his 308 out of step with the current times is not accurate. At least, saying that with a negative connotation is not accurate because, in order to say that, one must ignore the fact that it was ahead of its time when new. A Ferrari 308 is an example of one of those material items that never actually suit one period of time more than the other. In both style and substance, they are timeless.
Big Black Dawg
Big Black Dawg преди ден
Well, now I can use this as a reason to not buy my dream car, and what I believe to be the most beautiful supercar ever made, the XJ220, in green.
Kinson Cheung
Kinson Cheung преди ден
given his Ocd... a secondhand Ferrari own by James may is probably the highest quality secondhand ever... that beauty belongs in a museum
j x
j x преди 2 дни
EnterTheCarp преди 3 дни
458 italia? Donate it to meeeeeeee
EnterTheCarp преди 3 дни
Oh. That?
K ins
K ins преди 4 дни
James May of St Peter’s Grove
Dave Smith
Dave Smith преди 6 дни
Should have kept it, now you don't have anything SHTF proof...
The Flying Scotsman
The Flying Scotsman преди 8 дни
I can hear what you are saying about not being able to appreciate technology as they did in its time as someone who is a collector/purveyor of old computers.
Dan Kragger
Dan Kragger преди 13 дни
Lovely talk, full of gems. James May knows that if you are going to philosophize and you are British it is absolutely essential to talk about something like football or cars while you are doing it, and to get your references to actual philosophers completely wrong so as not to come across a smart-Alec (Plato wrote nothing resembling the quote May lavishes on him). Lovely talk.
Resolute Fitness
Resolute Fitness преди 15 дни
Some of these quotes could 100% be framed as life guru “love, Live, life” pictures. Perfectly explained completely forgot it was about a car in the end. 😂
Matthew Fitzgerald
Matthew Fitzgerald преди 16 дни
Worst sales pitch ever lol
Covert Garage
Covert Garage преди 12 дни
I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars
Ben Lowe
Ben Lowe преди 18 дни
Big mistake... That Ferrari won't be replaced by anything nearly as nice
Ketill Jacobsen
Ketill Jacobsen преди 19 дни
How can James May talk against a Ferrari with Weber carburators? I lived ten years with the same car (only car I had) with two Weber DCOE 45 (after fitted) and revved the engine to 8.000 rpm every day and enjoyed it immensely! Now I also have a BMW 2800 CS (1970) and what was a luxury car in its day is more like a tractor today compared to todays car as regards quality of driving and and quality of interior! So I can follow James a long way. But the main thing with James and his 308 is that he has too many cars and have not time and interest in the 308. Besides James likes to be controversial and to provoke people to think. So to conclude, the 308 is a fantastic car for the right person
ev andersen
ev andersen преди 20 дни
No james i wont buy electric
Private Party
Private Party преди 23 дни
The guy shouts about putting antiquated wheels on the car because he's such a diehard purist. ...too bad that purism means he can't enjoy a beautiful car because he can't tolerate a handful of updates that would put it on par with what we expect today. It's not like the thing has draglink steering.... Wide tires, appropriate springs and dampers, it's going to drive like it's on rails.
DueVolvi преди 24 дни
I once got a giftcard for my birthday to drive a Ferrari for 20 minutes. It could have been a 308. It was the most horrible driving experience. Almost no power, clunky gearchange, pedals to close to each other. I was overtaken by a Fiat Panda while getting on the highway.... and glad I could climb out of it and get in my comfi old Volvo.
rizveee ahmeds
rizveee ahmeds преди 26 дни
The deserted ground nationally annoy because apartment optically injure before a flat hacksaw. rigid, fixed attack
Luca Trifan
Luca Trifan преди 27 дни
I swear it's like talking about his wife: "I just don't love her anymore. I like to look at it (...) it's probably one of the most beautiful women ever made"
Gaz 808
Gaz 808 преди 27 дни
“It’s become old tech.” Yet, there’s a tricycle-looking thing with a flat tire in the background.
Łukasz Wrona
Łukasz Wrona преди 18 дни
That's a meccano motorbike from james may toy stories
F S P 9
F S P 9 преди 29 дни
0:43 me trying to explain to my mates why I sold my cars in gta v
Doc Surely
Doc Surely преди месец
wow, this was depressing
Steven Hombrados
Steven Hombrados преди месец
30.01.2021 So was it sold, they should put a little badge on the side, previously owned by James, May.
System11 YT
System11 YT преди месец
Have to disagree about old cars. There are old cars which will give you an experience no new car can offer. I have a giant Plymouth convertible with bench seats, there's nothing even slightly like it. The handling and so on is terrible, it drinks fuel even by late 60s US standards, it's too big for most UK roads, but there's nothing else like it on an open road in nice weather. It sits 3 across the front and 3 across the back, almost nothing can do that either.
Matt Schwartzstein
Matt Schwartzstein преди месец
Mr. May has elevated this sale to a philosophical level I did not realize was possible.
UberPilot преди месец
You can’t go home..........won’t stop people from trying.
Robert Niemiec
Robert Niemiec преди месец
He rambles on and on endlessly and I still don’t know what the point of this video is
Ulrik Strand
Ulrik Strand преди месец
If he sold the modern Ferrari i would have been shocked. And gutted.
Paul Leather
Paul Leather преди месец
Didnt you buy a f430 and Jeremy ate a chocolate bar in your car.
Bloodysugar преди месец
He did well to make it sold by someone else... XD
Right then.
Right then. преди месец
I've thought about this argument and, it could equally be flipped the other way; yes it's not possible to drive a 1970's car in the 1970's but also it's not possible to experience a modern car as young people experience it in the present because you are old. I'm not saying you are a 'try hard' but it is certainly in that area and something to be considered!
MrPILJO преди месец
He is going to buy Datsun
Simone V.
Simone V. преди месец
And now you can get your new toyota aygo XD
tommi rantanen
tommi rantanen преди месец
Not long ago i hate to hear that, but now when i have ordered new ID 3 my mind have changed :D
Lauren Bailey
Lauren Bailey преди месец
Porta loo in the shot. Stinky!
bryce jacobsen
bryce jacobsen преди месец
Msgnum would be sorely disappointed, Mate.
Eric Stoever
Eric Stoever преди месец
We are cheaper than a counselor...
JuStris Garage
JuStris Garage преди месец
I actually disagree with him. There is a golden age for a special kind of technology, and to expierence it is something rather special. There are people who use a late 1920s Ford Model A as daily driver because they like the feel of it, some people especially love certain eras of cars and I think it is cool to daily drive an electric car and go for a spin in an old Porsche or Ferrari on the weekend.
win7ermu7e преди месец
By an F355 James.
Jiang Zemin
Jiang Zemin преди месец
James May is a communist CONFIRMED
Mark K
Mark K преди месец
well said james
Guilherme Batista
Guilherme Batista преди месец
2:05 "reasonably" ...
Will North
Will North преди месец
But isn’t that the goal of owning a classic. To try and capture and experience what once was. I guess to a few like me and my 77 GMC C15 I was alive in the 70’s or 80’s and I want to try and experience what those who were alive did... but to each their own
rodan one
rodan one преди месец
i have driven 986/996 for almost 15 years... every time I drive something else. i go back. just fast enough... just fancy enough... three pedals and working air conditioning. add bluetooth. and you have a modern mule you can still work on. i wouldn't mind ventilated seats though 😉
Rik Aus
Rik Aus преди месец
308's are garbage anyway
Kenny Tang
Kenny Tang преди месец
As always very well said.
Mike Raymond Wood
Mike Raymond Wood преди месец
Santayana said it
MrHanswatch преди месец
Buy a bicycle James. A new luxury version with battery and 8 hub gears.
Cantium Knives
Cantium Knives преди месец
What a load of postmodern drivel
Jim Tomlinson
Jim Tomlinson преди месец
Is James describing a car or a relationship?
Mitko Mikov
Mitko Mikov преди месец
I like this guy he is cleaver old gizar.
pete groover
pete groover преди месец
308 engine rebuilds every 30k,rust,windows run with miles of wire,no rear vision,not that fast,fun getting in & out,dont blame you james,i sold my cousins & had the joy of fixing it !
Giovanni Cordone
Giovanni Cordone преди месец
You sold a peace of art
GTA V Editor Vids
GTA V Editor Vids преди месец
Does he come from a upper class background ???
dan ryan
dan ryan преди месец
How did this man get a job on a car show honestly that Toyota 😳
Jezza Us
Jezza Us преди месец
May trying to get removed from the Old People's Mood Room.
Sam Westenskow
Sam Westenskow преди месец
I'm 16 and I drive a 1970s car, as fantastic as new cars are, there's just something about having a car thats analog
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith преди месец
Another champagne socialist.
Tony Flanagan
Tony Flanagan преди месец
What a load of old coal this is
Keith Norvell
Keith Norvell преди месец
Air up those tires behind you Jim.
davidlelkington преди месец
I would like to own it but I can’t afford it
Ciaran McGuinness
Ciaran McGuinness преди месец
Don't panic car lovers he isn't selling the 458 Speciale it's the 1977 Ferrari 308 that's gone
Morocco Mole
Morocco Mole преди месец
the ordinary man act globalist may wears - is gone.
Christopher Mair
Christopher Mair преди месец
What just spilled out? Flood the Cowling is into Hydrogen peroxide. Ferrari.. selling..I would cut my arm off to drive..Politely that Car.
Justin Lindsay
Justin Lindsay преди месец
Why do you have a portable toilet in your garage?
David Lavrinovich
David Lavrinovich преди месец
Why is there a portaloo behind him?
Huxxy преди месец
I enjoyed your music analogy James.
leonkennedy74 преди месец
An Alpine? Like a Sunbeam?
Brandon Durham
Brandon Durham преди месец
“The past is gone, that’s the thing” 😂 amen
Vicodino преди месец
is it weird that i want the car specifically because it was his?
Ellis James
Ellis James преди месец
Ahhhh so this is why he wanted the money for the pub he brought 😂😂
G S преди месец
Being out of step with the spirit of the age is the best reason to keep it.
Michael Brind
Michael Brind преди месец
what utter bollox
Sebastian Kuehne
Sebastian Kuehne преди месец
I disagree with you James! I think perception becomes reality. So if you want to, you can put yourself in a state of mind to be able to perceive exactly what those people in the let's say 1700's perceived. It takes a person with high intelligence, depth of feeling and empathy to do this. I do believe it is possible to put ourselves into the state of mind of others from a different time.
Fiat 127 GENOVA
Fiat 127 GENOVA преди месец
Ma no!
Csongor Ottó Dandé
Csongor Ottó Dandé преди месец
Flood the cowling, plenty of it
Oscar Baud
Oscar Baud преди месец
What’s the watch he’s wearing during the interview? Looks great
Will Plays
Will Plays преди месец
I think James may has to change his mindset of old cars
Will Plays
Will Plays преди месец
O I thought he sold the speciale 😅😂
Daddys Doto
Daddys Doto преди месец
Get a Dacia Sandero and a Rimac C_two
Neretil Derem
Neretil Derem преди месец
-So where do you want to film this car ad? -How about sitting in front of this portable toliet? -Perfect, roll the camera!
Rick Burchett
Rick Burchett преди месец
Blah, blah, blah.
Getting Nervous
Getting Nervous преди месец
But in the past we had cars, today we have computers on wheels, sterile, boring and full of useless technology.
Jim преди месец
Why not convert it to ev ? ;-)
C B преди месец
a rich ,lefty, woke geek moaning about loosing a bit of money on his classic ferrari because of brexir. Cry me a river. 👎🏻
Paul Tudor Jones
Paul Tudor Jones преди месец
Jealous much?
catarina jerez
catarina jerez преди месец
your comment stinks of pure jealousy
Hermann Weinzierl
Hermann Weinzierl преди месец
Perhaps the ferri does not run very well?
FREEDOM преди 2 месеца
Midlife crisis!
4KDesign преди 2 месеца
3:36 interesting reflexion, that I think that is focused on James May overcoming the illusions and interest that lead him to buy the 308, the phantom he talks about. Taking that apart, obviously we cannot get back to the past, and then the point is to enjoy and taste at this time the energy and culture that lead to make those vehicles, and also to be in contact with that spirit of the past. It is ok to enjoy new tech, like electric cars, but in the future, all of us will miss those cars and motorcycles with internal combustion engines that beat at the same rythm of our hearts, and with no much technology helping driving. Because those vehicles give us a way of life and a way of interacting with the world in some manner, and that is changing very fast nowadays.
David Johnson
David Johnson преди 2 месеца
"The golden age of the car is always now." I agree with May: I like new cars more than the old "classic" cars, most of which are, and indeed were, garbage in comparison to new cars.
William Wallace
William Wallace преди 2 месеца
When you got ferrari problems 🤯
Don Kiddick
Don Kiddick преди 2 месеца
Did you ever drive that one in the buff... ?
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs преди 2 месеца
Could of turned it electric and kept the look and handling. If want to move with the times and keep an italian legend on the road. Just saying . If your a millionaire why not have best of both.
Alexander Mandl
Alexander Mandl преди 2 месеца
It's a nice car you should buy it, but you should just not drive it.
Baumer преди 2 месеца
Why not just put a tesla motor in IT instead?🤷‍♀️
Unknown youtuber
Unknown youtuber преди 2 месеца
Most people: watches video normally Me: Why is he shaking his shoe right above his cup?
Bexx Gilchrist
Bexx Gilchrist преди месец
Yeah. Me too. Stuff bound to drop off into the cup
L P преди месец
Ha!! That is weird
Beechgoose 1
Beechgoose 1 преди 2 месеца
I get where he's coming from... I was lucky to grow up in a place where i didn't need one, to get around. Cars can give a woman independance and security, but a chap often owns one for status. I'm nearly 50.
Conor Graham
Conor Graham преди 2 месеца
He’s a true Sag
firebug преди 2 месеца
im so glad mays not in charge of anything important.
Bojan Marsetic
Bojan Marsetic преди 2 месеца
this is what remains of the man who sold a 308.
Allen Greenlund
Allen Greenlund преди 2 месеца
Is that an erector set motorcycle?
Garrie Parsons
Garrie Parsons преди 2 месеца
I have a private reg plate for sale if your friend at the Ferrari dealership or anyone could use one ????? it reads GTO....... ??????
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