James May gave us a tour of his new pub

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You may have heard in recent weeks that James May has bought half a pub. Although it's still having finishing touches added to it ahead of its opening next week, James kindly offered to give us a sneak peek at what's to come.
Sorry in advance for the audio, James was wearing a very scratchy jumper.
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Aggnog преди ден
Wonder if Audermars Piguet care about this.
Crippled Crew
Crippled Crew преди 3 дни
Change the name of the bathroom to Mays study.....
Ernest Higginbotham
Ernest Higginbotham преди 3 дни
I suggest you refer to them as toilets.
Rafał Steć
Rafał Steć преди 5 дни
Half of a pub in a pandemic is a quarter of the price at that time ;) Isn't it ?
Robin Holmes
Robin Holmes преди 5 дни
Dry Roasted
Dry Roasted преди 5 дни
In America, all you'd have to do is emblazon the front with "James May's Royal Oak" and there would be a line around the block, similar to a Chick-Fil-A opening. Just a suggestion. Also, aren't they called W. C.s anymore?
Nate Lav
Nate Lav преди 5 дни
James why did you redecorate this pub to look like a living room and kitchen combo that was turned into a pub
Barry Carlisle
Barry Carlisle преди 6 дни
Wasn't there a sitcom about a british chef filmed there?
Thunder Junkie
Thunder Junkie преди 6 дни
The "loos garden" should be called "The Shateau".
C Purchase
C Purchase преди 5 дни
The shiteua
Johnny Wildheart
Johnny Wildheart преди 6 дни
I still love extremely old looking British pubs ! Don't like the white restraunt plant look 😂
p 28
p 28 преди 7 дни
One very gorgeous place
William Klos
William Klos преди 7 дни
Where is it
Horseshoeman Running
Horseshoeman Running преди 9 дни
How much did the pub cost?
S D преди 10 дни
The loos should be LadiesPrivate Lounge and Gentleman’s Private Lounge
Andrew Robens
Andrew Robens преди 10 дни
James starting to look a bit elderly and that makes me sad
Nigel Jones
Nigel Jones преди 11 дни
Change the sign to Stinky Hole & Dog Bog
John F
John F преди 12 дни
James’ Ferrari will have to be sold because of this money pit.
Philip Wood
Philip Wood преди 13 дни
Baz преди 14 дни
The 'Snug' sounds like death.
Scott Benier
Scott Benier преди 14 дни
'Thunderbox' is the word you are looking for!
Mesrop Madzharyan
Mesrop Madzharyan преди 16 дни
Knowing May everybody would go there
Obada Odeh
Obada Odeh преди 16 дни
Fun fact i'm a big fan of the trio specially james and i flew all the way from california to the UK and i went to the little village of swallowcliff in wiltshire to see james may's pub and i orderd soup and it was delicious, unfortunately i did not see james hopefully in the next time.
Motolocouno Bike nut
Motolocouno Bike nut преди 16 дни
Looks well boring and nondescript 😭
DM87™️ преди 17 дни
My Local is called The Royal Oak
Mondoblasto0 преди 18 дни
3:51 "... And this is the Oak Room, so-called because it's a room, and it's made of oak. Now I suppose you could call it a 'conservatory', but if you do, Chris will assist you in leaving the pub through the window."
LIMIT CYCLE преди 20 дни
It's funny cuz I was born in Royal Oak. Just not this one.
Tom Ranum
Tom Ranum преди 23 дни
Great interiour! Fix the facade too please. Looks like a very nice and just call the WC a WC.
Douglas преди 23 дни
Swallow the Royal what?
Brian Hilsden
Brian Hilsden преди 23 дни
Well done on your purchase James. I hope more people follow in your footsteps and rescue our pubs.
Brian Hilsden
Brian Hilsden преди 23 дни
PS. Ban Clarkson
Richard Millie
Richard Millie преди 23 дни
call them restrooms
Jeff Beecher
Jeff Beecher преди 26 дни
how about 'water closet' or 'wash room?'
prepare uranus
prepare uranus преди 27 дни
Poor jimmy broadbent felt so out of place with you guys. He was so excited to meet james. He was just a nervous wreck but he does his best to hide it 🤣
Marian Kelly
Marian Kelly преди 27 дни
Instead of 'Loos Garden' call it: 'The Leaky Cauldron' ⬅️
A F преди 28 дни
Never a bad time to own a pub. Leasing is another matter though. He'll have no ties to a brewer; probably got a great price as it was a distressed asset. Loads of car enthusiasts will go out of their way to go there once they can. I bet he turns a profit in a year or two...None of us could though...Just a shame all the personality is on the outside of the building...
jerry Smith
jerry Smith преди 28 дни
I'd love love love to come here
Nick Keene
Nick Keene преди 29 дни
keep it classy with a american flair. Your bathroom sign should be short, direct and to the point. "
TexasTyphoon преди месец
I'd love to go overseas just to come to your pub
TexasTyphoon преди месец
Thank you Matthew Bird
Andy Blobby
Andy Blobby преди месец
The Dumping Ground
Mumu Alpaka
Mumu Alpaka преди месец
All the best May, looks like a Gentleman's place to hang out.
Stuey JabezServices
Stuey JabezServices преди месец
Who Bought Or Owns The Other Half ?
Cody Lietz
Cody Lietz преди месец
He already owned a pub called the rack and pinion in America
Rice Tanzania
Rice Tanzania преди месец
I would like to visit that pub
Rice Tanzania
Rice Tanzania преди месец
loos means without in dutch (adjective) so a proper name for a space without stress/customers/...
Novak Ingood
Novak Ingood преди месец
Interestingly, James is wearing a mask, but the camerawoman and the painter aren't. Shome mishtake, shurely?
ThePwaro преди месец
Will they be serving only slow food?
Novitzmann преди месец
James is that kind of person that could sit down in front of camera and read yellow book and I would watch it witch pleasure.
Mollie Wye
Mollie Wye преди месец
What a lovely pub, I would love to go there for a meal
Lee Andrews
Lee Andrews преди месец
Just an idea, for your toilet name how does ‘Emptying Station’ sound? You’re welcome 🤣
moremustard преди месец
May's Garden?
David Wolff
David Wolff преди месец
Congratulations James. I'm sure you'll do well.
Jeff Olson
Jeff Olson преди месец
So is it in the red?
leon grigson
leon grigson преди месец
And one more thing. Is your pub going to have a Tesla hook up point?
leon grigson
leon grigson преди месец
James. Just call the loo like the Americans. The John. Or John's garden.
Jonathan carter
Jonathan carter преди месец
Extraction parlour?.
Nikolai Pelczarski
Nikolai Pelczarski преди месец
gotta visit lol
Slackin AintEasy
Slackin AintEasy преди месец
Daniel Shack
Daniel Shack преди месец
The pub will probably survive if he charges Hammond £20 per G&T.
MrSteve280 преди месец
What does Oz Clarke have to say about this?
The Dim Reaper
The Dim Reaper преди месец
Will you be pulling the odd pint James?
WASnME преди месец
Loos Garden could maybe become Crapper Corner - it has a ring to it!
Sean Dempsey
Sean Dempsey преди месец
Loos? How about the craper.
Paul Atradies
Paul Atradies преди месец
I guess that's what you do when your career is in tatters, plus I forgot how boring he is, YAWN.
NIK FORSTER преди месец
I’ll run it for you james..🍺🍺🍷🍷🤪🤪😂
JR Warner
JR Warner преди месец
When can get across the pond, James, Ill be heading that way!!!
Chuck Williams
Chuck Williams преди месец
I clicked on this video because I thought it looked a lot like a pub my aunt used to run. Turns out it’s not.
ekibarthenid преди месец
Some nice Trompe l'oeil required in and definitely around that place matey Mr May.. are you open to busman's holiday's ??
James Bowden
James Bowden преди месец
Wonder who bought the other half??
s k
s k преди месец
Loos = shiter 👌
marccas10 преди месец
"Clarkson's office"?
marccas10 преди месец
"La Merd gare"?
marccas10 преди месец
"Brick Outhouse"?
marccas10 преди месец
"Poo Dungeon"?
c6gav преди месец
The last Marstons pub I want to was a fancy dress night..! And I went as The Stig..! The amount of people who wanted there photo taken was unbelievable..! So I ended up going home early..!
Matt 0
Matt 0 преди месец
So basically, you bought a country pub and turned it into another wine bar? Well done 😪
Tocks преди месец
Markolero1 преди месец
'Clarkson's suggestions --> ' would be a nice sign
Martyn anthony
Martyn anthony преди месец
Nice pub in a nice setting I will make a visit for sure
scenczyk1429 преди месец
That furniture 🤢
MsPerfectly Imperfekt
MsPerfectly Imperfekt преди месец
Keep it Simple💋
manofweed1 преди месец
Guess he bought a pub, not leased a pub. Big difference.
Mr Matko
Mr Matko преди месец
We call them rest rooms in the States ... Not sure why. We also call them Johns ...John's Garden? I love English pubs and I hope they can keep going until I can go back.
Jamie Walker
Jamie Walker преди месец
Ahhh crickey James.... why??? 😭 (Family business pub guy here- one of the busiest in the city I add- and we broke sir)
bengis52 преди месец
How about calling the toilets Hammond and clarkson
One Wheel Appeal
One Wheel Appeal преди месец
I think you through half your money right down the toilet
Chris Plant
Chris Plant преди месец
Would watch an entire season of the three of them arguing over how to run the pub
James Vibert
James Vibert преди месец
It looks beautiful, better still probably one of the nicest looking pubs so far.
Michael Ayling
Michael Ayling преди месец
Looks very nice,should do well,pubs tend to be only as goo as the owner.
Karman Studio
Karman Studio преди месец
It should be named "The Garden"
MCMC watch channel
MCMC watch channel преди месец
instead of Loos I suggest the following alternatives: 'Two pound butter splasher'' or 'Kentucky glue gun' or 'Facebook seat'
David Eason
David Eason преди месец
Looks like a residential care home or x ray department in the local hospital inside.
goodguyjas преди месец
Pretentious pub to avoid. What an irritation. Worst than a smarmy Gastro.
Have A Knife Day
Have A Knife Day преди месец
Slows garden
ac dc
ac dc преди месец
Defo a tax dodge
Dr Jon
Dr Jon преди месец
Unbelievably rich man buys something that may or may not make money. Fascinating!
Dg 27
Dg 27 преди месец
only 78 pound a pint ha looks very nice james hope its all ok moden log fire be nice
Mali 57
Mali 57 преди месец
Pirates Garden
werthy penile
werthy penile преди месец
Always admire James ,as a presenter...BUT, i 'may' object, to being thrown out, via the window....Because i mention a conservatory......lol
93raver09 преди месец
Call the loos "The Royals Throne's"
paul Tubero
paul Tubero преди месец
Great business venture that is. covid will keep it closed 🙄
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