Richard Hammond reunites with Oliver!
We found the lost 2.0-litre V10 sportscar!
James May builds a bicycle | Part 3
преди 3 месеца
James May builds a bicycle | Part 2
преди 4 месеца
James May gave us a tour of his new pub
преди 4 месеца
James May builds a bicycle | Part 1
преди 4 месеца
Charlie Gaius
Charlie Gaius преди 2 часа
This car will never go racing, please stop dragging it around
Christian Cardich
Christian Cardich преди 2 часа
Put a small 3 cylinder turbo engine and pair it with and hybrid system
Adamscy _27
Adamscy _27 преди 2 часа
Here I was thinking it was a prius
Josh преди 2 часа
Ah! So this is just an advert?
Ray Mew
Ray Mew преди 2 часа
I know he is not everyones cup of tea, but I actually like Jeremy Clarkson, cos I remember is early days in Top Gear.
Ahnaf Azmain
Ahnaf Azmain преди 2 часа
8:40 they were going 5 miles above speed limit, so they blurred the speedometer 😂😂
Kiky Keeyansyah
Kiky Keeyansyah преди 2 часа
Hammond you’re speeding😂😂
subie flow
subie flow преди 2 часа
So like they copied civeta?
Nassim преди 2 часа
try to find barber (lebanese one) Clrakson ,your hair looks awful
Leo W
Leo W преди 3 часа
That GT1 Cup sounds amazing! Would be awesome have something like that!
terryyouth преди 3 часа
4.41 that ''bounce off sounded like Arnie
FARGO GEMINI преди 3 часа
Skip to 1.20
Al преди 3 часа
I have to drive 40 km every day in heavy traffic, I need fuel economy that's why I drive a hybrid but not an electric one
Ntokozo Mayaba
Ntokozo Mayaba преди 3 часа
Hammond you idiot🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
MrChiangching преди 3 часа
What's the range, 5 miles?
ALL4carZZZ преди 3 часа
i'm 34 , but i think same, than Jeremy about "fresh cars"... and YES, my dream car is MUSTANG 1965 hardtop :)
agt155 преди 3 часа
What Hammond is forgetting is that the Discovery was always intended to be the replacement for the Defender.
y1521t21b5 преди 4 часа
3:47 _"...Touch my food, feel my fork!"_ ;-)
nell aree
nell aree преди 4 часа
English Iron Man
Sondre K. Jacobsen
Sondre K. Jacobsen преди 4 часа
Hahaha, *ouch* !
daniel Far
daniel Far преди 4 часа
Rangerover and Jag is owned by Chinese
Nushi313 преди 4 часа
I'm watching this on my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and wow! The video is literally in 4K and looks like I'm watching it on the cinemas!!
funky down
funky down преди 5 часа
so it could ride upside down for a while
CLIVE JONES преди 5 часа
So that’s it. He regretted selling his car. No reason why. What a pointless title baiting vid
daft bruv
daft bruv преди 5 часа
"yOu'Re HaViNg A mIdLiFe CrIsIs"
asioe kiou
asioe kiou преди 5 часа
In my experience the customer is seldom right, but letting him think he is pays the bills
Loke Pok
Loke Pok преди 5 часа
me at 4:16 when i see ads coming in 5: -_-
ArcanePath360 преди 5 часа
Jesus he's looking old.
LilLewis преди 5 часа
Being a man of york i can agree with how amazing the hog roast wrap is
Rui Matos
Rui Matos преди 5 часа
The captions advertising professional driver are a clear overstatement!
Alpha 16
Alpha 16 преди 5 часа
Yes bring F1 back. Simple regulations. And see how fare we can push the limits. Not how har we can push the limit of the rules.
Steve Jones
Steve Jones преди 5 часа
Hammond can't roast very well. I'd hate to have xmas dinner if he's the one roasting the turkey.
TommyCraft569 преди 6 часа
He protecc He attacc But most importantly he crash Rimac
dan patterson
dan patterson преди 6 часа
I mean lets face it, this all wrong. May should be standing next to oliver and hammond should be in the ferrari. and was may high when he bought a bright orange ferrari?
Jakobín преди 7 часа
hydrogen combustion engines and synthetic e fuel are even better ideas
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv преди 7 часа
I was expecting his Ford GT to be the worst purchase he's made.
Erlandas Te
Erlandas Te преди 7 часа
High five for "I will never own electric car, I prefer to have V8 sound"
pier99francesco преди 7 часа
What a legend
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv преди 7 часа
3:13 every car guy ever
Guys we gotta support James May's new car brand: Fezza!
John Carry
John Carry преди 8 часа
I don’t know why they agreed to do this. Do they not realise most people find her really annoying.
John Boyd
John Boyd преди 8 часа
Never mary a Woman after plastic surgery shes worn out everywhere else
vogue mist
vogue mist преди 8 часа
The whispering cymbal ipsilaterally beam because venezuelan ostensibly care worth a psychedelic white. elastic, nine bobcat
AU footage
AU footage преди 9 часа
i want know how many times the camera men have messed up on camera
Euri Cerrud
Euri Cerrud преди 9 часа
The F12 looks like an Italian C7 especially a C7 Z06 or ZR1
Michael Jarvis
Michael Jarvis преди 9 часа
Any and all from DDE
David Dang
David Dang преди 9 часа
My friend regrets selling his 71 3.0csi for only $7,900 couple years ago. I'm the one who purchased it. LOL
MVE преди 9 часа
5:18 Legend what he said about owning an electric car
Zaneth Zarareth
Zaneth Zarareth преди 10 часа
I regret selling my brother for an rtx 3080... I could have got a 3090 instead. (Just kidding, fbi please leave me alone)
CowboyJack08 преди 10 часа
Poor hamond
Andrew Timlin
Andrew Timlin преди 10 часа
Surely you can afford a lapel mic??
willow's random garage
willow's random garage преди 10 часа
I agree with loving the sound v8s and hate that everything is automatic and manuals are hard to find.
Nora Neko
Nora Neko преди 10 часа
3000 pounds for 3.0 CSL that ever owned by Jeremy Clarkson, Wow. If they sell it today, they can get 200-250k with them.
Paul Lancaster
Paul Lancaster преди 10 часа
Range Rovers are brilliant when they dont 'ping' every bl**dy morning because of yet another 'fault' !!!
Matthew преди 11 часа
i was waiting for Clarkson to come screaming round a corner with some over the top power
Frank Bob
Frank Bob преди 11 часа
If you put your hazzard lights on it allows you to break any law you want or so the theory goes.
David Milner
David Milner преди 11 часа
160 miles range is plenty and 80 mph? If this is a Tesla M3 battery /drive train that's pretty poor. Where did the extra 100 miles range and almost double the speed when in a M3?
The One and Only, Yours Truly
The One and Only, Yours Truly преди 11 часа
He's 60? I thought he was 78.
rub ber
rub ber преди 11 часа
ill take a japenese car all day..evo or wrx would run ALL over that thing
Michael Foust
Michael Foust преди 11 часа
In the next episode Clarkson gets his eyebrows trimmed...
Carlos M collignon
Carlos M collignon преди 11 часа
Let it get up to right operating temp
Wouter Van Der Pijl
Wouter Van Der Pijl преди 12 часа
4 wheels off the track, where does it stop? Well, the moment the stop using tarmac where grass is supposed to be... as long as racetracks are big tarmac slabs with the track pencilled in, drivers will cut corners....
Yan Nikoloff
Yan Nikoloff преди 12 часа
OK. If that car creates to much downforce, can it drive upsidedown in Belfast sewage?
Ross White
Ross White преди 12 часа
The coolest petrolhead on the planet, encore!!!!!!!!!!
Kimdino1 преди 12 часа
Interesting in that it is the first X20. But no mention of the Rolls-Royce Vulture X24 that first ran in 1937.
Chuck.U.Farley преди 12 часа
The Senna looks like an ordinary (if there is such thing) McLaren that somebody has placed a stonking big great park bench on the rear deck of